"Jeff Geiselhofer's innovation, efficiency and personality made working with him a low stress, fun experience." 


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With over 20 years experience in the Telecommunications industrywith expertise ranging from tenant improvements to the large scale fast track Data Center build-out environment. We excel in the ability to handle aggressive scheduling and the adversity of "on the fly "design changes. We are trained and skilled in many facets of the industry.The craftsmanship in pictures throughout this web-site was done by our owner and his staff.We can take on large projects with less people due to our leading industry installation practices.  CCC is on top of the latest connectivity and installation standards.

"Jeff Geiselhofer's ability to meet tight deadlines in such a calm manner was impressive to watch unfold." 

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Besides being personable and easy to talk with, our journeymen wiremen have the best cabling strategies and approaches to getting your project completed on time. They have undergone a rigorous  apprenticeship program to make sure all pieces of the installation are done orderly and safely.

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